Music is a universal language. It reaches out to everybody and is loved by most. However everyone is not an expert in the field. In fact you will find only few people who are knowledgeable and can name all the musical instruments.

People often think that a piano and an organ are the same. However it is not their fault as by the mere look of both, they cannot really understand the difference. Both have keyboards, and also seem to produce same sounds. Even the way of playing these are similar. So finally when it comes to choosing any one of them, it does not really matter if it’s a piano or an organ.

Maximum number of parents is registering their children for piano lessons as it is an established fact children benefit a lot from piano lessons. But when they face both-an organ and a piano- they get confused on which would be better to learn, as hardly there is any difference.

Digital Piano & Organ Comparison

How to Choose Between Organ & Digital Piano