Organ is considered to be more versatile among the two and produces much better sound. But it takes professional players or some level of expertise to play it. This ‘difficulty level’ can pose a problem to beginners- your children- who will just start their music lessons. Another thing that poses a problem while playing an organ is paying attention to more than two things at the same time, especially for those who are beginners.

Most Piano instructors would suggest starting with a digital piano. Digital Pianos are more user friendly, thus allowing beginners to learn the basics and develop their keyboard skills. Once they have gained expertise, they can move on to playing an organ

From the above discussions, it is very much apparent that Digital Pianos are more recommended for children as it paves the way for advanced musical learning opportunities in future, if they want to play organ in future.


After you have decided on buying a digital piano for your child, the next step is to decide on which model to purchase. You might be overwhelmed to find so many models available in the whole market, but it is strongly recommended that you do a thorough research on the models and brands. With quality research you will be able to get the best digital piano for your child according to your requirement of features and budget.