Most children love music. You must want your child to play an instrument. For your child to start his music lessons, Digital Piano is the best to opt for. Being a parent it is your responsibility to get him a good instrument to practice his first hands on. So choosing a reasonable yet good quality digital piano should be the priority. You may research and gather proper information in order to make a sound decision. You must give your child whatever comes best in your budget.

Piano for Children

Variety of pianos is available in the market. To choose for your child you should keep certain things in mind, like age, level of learning and your budget. We strongly recommend you to buy a full scale 88 key digital piano rather than buying a lesser keyed one. Initially your child might have ease in learning with fewer keys, but in the long run it won’t help. As per your child’s interest, you can buy an expensive one at a later stage. You can review all models and opt for the advanced version once you are sure that your child has passion for leaning piano. Digital Piano is cheap, light weight, portable and a better choice for children who want to learn piano. It also gives the same musical effects a grand piano would have given, but in a cost effective way.

Few tips to follow to buy the best Digital Piano

Choosing the best digital piano for your child might seem to be a daunting task, but actually it is not provided you follow some tips and do some thorough research about the piano market. Here are some tips which would help you get the best one available in the market.

  1. Full sized keyboard piano: It is always recommended to buy a full sized piano with 88 keys. It makes your child’s learning easy and comprehensive. Your kid can learn proper placement, spacing and movement of fingers. As he/she will learn in a broad canvas, understanding of scales will be better; later on adapting to other keyboards would be easy as a result.
  2. Additional Effects & Features: Digital Piano with a synthesizer makes an attractive instrument as it gives different sound effects. Your child can play/learn sound of varied instruments along with piano. As a parent, it would be wise for you to choose a simple yet sophisticated piano for your little composer. These additional features attract your kid and makes learning fun and interesting. However it could also be a bit confusing for some. So you can just check for a basic one to begin with and keep buying multi specialty pianos for a later stage.
  1. Weighted Keys: Alike a Grand Piano, digital pianos with weighted keys give similar experience. Weighted keys if pressed would spring back up as in acoustic piano. Low cost Digital Pianos might lack this feature. It is highly recommended that you get a weighted keys digital keyboard so that your child gains strength in his fingers and can learn proper techniques to handle any piano in future.
  2. Touch Sensitive: Touch sensitive keys are an important feature of digital pianos. It means when you press the key hard, you will witness a sound that is different from when you press it softly. Most advanced digital pianos come with this feature and gives you the feeling of a grand piano.
  3. Adjustable Stand: Most of the digital pianos come with an adjustable stand, and if not you can easily buy one. This adjustable stand enables you to adjust the height of the piano so that your child has the ease of playing it. Always make sure that your child is comfortable during his practice sessions.


If you follow these tips, you would surely find a good piano for your little beginner. Choosing as per your budget would be wise, as you are the best judge of your requirement. We would recommend you to go through the reviews of different models available in the market before you finalize on one. If you want a cost effective piano, you can always look for a refurbished or reused digital pianos. And last but not the least you can seek help from a professional who has sound knowledge about pianos. We hope that you get the best piano for your child to begin his music lessons with.