Acoustic Piano, from the time of its introduction, has come a long way as a loyal instrument for people who want to learn playing a piano. It was until recently when Digital Piano came into the market that this trend changed. To date Acoustic pianos are still favored as a teaching instrument by piano instructors. Despite the immense popularity of Digital Pianos, acoustic pianos still manage to hold a place next to the modern devices. Whether Digital Piano is better than Acoustic Piano is still a topic of debate amongst many musical societies.

To understand which type of piano suits your needs, a proper demonstration of pros, cons, benefits and differences of each type is required.


To find out which piano is best for you, you need to clear about your requirements in terms of passion for music as well as budget. The choice has to be done with full consideration of these factors. The points discussed above should help you in making a sound decision. At the end of the day, it is finally your guts that would help you in getting the best for yourself.