Though most piano teachers still prefer standard piano over the modernized digital piano, price plays an important part in determining the choice. Digital Pianos come in half of the cost that is required to buy acoustic piano and hence becomes affordable for a lot of people. Also people who are not sure of their longevity of interest on music, having budget crunch can get this affordable instrument to check for their interest. Digital Piano is the upgraded version of the simple electronic keyboard. Its aesthetic simulation can make you think that it is a regular one and not a digital version. In terms of design you can hardly notice any difference. The digital instrument is also light weight and compact, thus making transportation easier. For tight spaces you can also get vertical styled narrower keyboards.

Digital Piano owners have the advantage of redecorating their space without assistance from other people to move their piano around. Digital Piano has the capability to store a range of tones, sounds, effects and voices. To get a feel of playing in the orchestra, pressing of button is enough; you also get loud applause at the end of the performance. As it is easy to record tunes and play it back, many lyricists, digital artists and composers use this. Availability of USB ports also enables you to share music. Similar to a computer, this device does not need any additional tuning. Headphones come as a savior if you want to play it without disturbing others around at any part of the day/night.


Nothing is devoid of any disadvantage; similar is the case of digital piano. Though it is vastly improved than the older ones, its notes sometimes sound too phony. It provides excellent simulation but does not really help the students to understand the differentiation of notes. Lack of string mechanism means that the tones are pre recorded into the instrument. Repeating just the same amount of pressure on the keys does not always bring out the right melody. Though it does not require tuning, but if out of order, it can be a pricey affair.