It is an undisputed fact that people who play acoustic piano are more capable of learning the right note and the right pitch. Standard pianos produce octaves as well as bass notes which are deep, rich and sound smooth. These help in better understanding of tones and development of proper music sense. Traditional Pianos serve as the best instruments to play long classical tones on. People who aspire to become concert pianist or a classical pianist require training on acoustic piano. Standard Pianos come with weighted keys which offer better resistance and helps in building better coordination and muscle strength, the two very important qualities required by expert pianists. Due to the hammer and string mechanism in acoustic piano, ability to play several notes at the same time is never a problem. Because of this feature choir members are able to seamlessly blend their voices to create perfect harmony. It does not need any electrical connectivity and hence, if in working condition, you can even play it in the most rural area.


Due to the benefits of acoustic piano over digital one, you might think that everyone will buy this type over a digital piano or keyboard. To prove that notion wrong, a growing number of students are opting for digital pianos. The main drawback of a standard piano is its size. Upright pianos though smaller than grand pianos take horizontal space, thus occupy floor space and you cannot store it away as well. Transportation is also difficult and hence you cannot move it anywhere alone, two or more people will always be required if you need to do so. Proper maintenance and tuning every now and then are must for standard pianos. Last but not the least is the hefty price tag. Whether used or new, it always puts a hole in your pocket, which always is not a practical investment for many.