According to experts, Pianos or Digital Pianos are different from Organs. But it becomes difficult for you to decide which one is best for your child if you do not know the real differences. So here we help you in understanding. To start with, Organ is a woodwind instrument while Digital Piano is a percussion instrument. Rest of the details will be provided below.

Production of Sound:

If you see an organ from close quarters, you will find that it has different levels of keys, pedals- these allow to produce different sounds. If you tweak the settings properly, it can even produce sounds of various instruments, seeming like a whole orchestra.

Being a woodwind instrument, the sound is produced by pressing a key that is connected with a pipe, and this action causes the wind to be blown through the pipe. The sound immediately stops when the key is no longer pressed.

Pianos and Digital Pianos on the other hand are percussion instruments. These are straight forward and user friendly. The mechanism is simple. You have to strike a key, a small hammer or mallet hits the corresponding string, and you get the sound you desire. The quality of sound varies in accordance with how you press the key. The sound can also be sustained by pressing on a sostenuto pedal.

Unlike an Organ, digital piano creates and produces rhythms and melodies at a faster rate. Children have relatively shorter attention span, and thus this consideration becomes important. Your child should be able to enjoy playing the piano, so ensuring that he does not get bored will be a priority while choosing the instrument.

Playing Technique:

Both are played in two different ways. As the organ has different levels of keys and several pedals, the player has to learn how to play the pedaled keyboard, simultaneously controlling the volume pedal. But the piano does not have this; however players have to pay attention to fingerings and also deal with complex chords.

Digital Piano, in addition, comes with touch-sensitive keyboard. The player can play different sounds with a single touch; however it depends on the player if he wants to press it hard or soft. The organ entails the use of pedal volume, which controls the entire keyboard instead of individual keys. The organ also has bass pedals, apart from volume pedals, which are played to produce bass notes.


A digital piano works as the main instrument, while the organ acts as an accompaniment to the supporting chords.