The Digital Piano is a perfect alternative to the traditional piano. Many people think that it is similar to an electronic keyboard. Though both the instruments require electricity to operate and have preset sounds yet electronic keyboard is easy to transport. It can be placed anywhere, tabletop, countertop, or even a stand in order to play more efficiently. Normally best digital pianos are built upright like a regular acoustic piano while giving the user a similar feel and quality. Inspite of having some minor flaws that distinct digital piano in terms of feel and sound, they however have various advantages over the original version.

Finding the right position or location for the piano is very much important. Similar to a grand piano, its location creates a sense of balance and design in a room, and also motivates people to play it often.

This helps in mastering the skills of playing the instrument and also allows users to identify any requirement of maintenance. This helps in spotting the error sooner than the instrument that sits in a remote place. Location should also be determined by keeping few things in mind, like heat, dirt and moisture. Piano should always be kept at least 4 meters away from the place that is exposed to sunlight, humidity or dirt as these can cause damage to the device. It should also be kept away from other home appliances like heater, microwave oven etc. Digital piano reviews offer a comparison chart available in order to help buyers choose what will work best for their considered location.

If the piano is kept in a widely used space then it would require cleaning very often. A simple act of dusting or wiping away dirt can make huge difference as it does not let dirt set in the instrument, lessening the chance of damaging the sensitive parts. Also keep it away from a place where people might bump into it or hit it. These kind of locations are not apt for placing the digital piano.

Every Digital Piano requires TLC. Mere regular cleaning of the piano is not enough, but right cleaning tools, equipment and cleaning product are required for proper cleaning and maintenance. IF not cleaned properly the device may get damaged permanently beyond repair. Digital Pianos should be cleaned by dry cloth and be kept away from moisture or wetness, as mentioned earlier.

The User Manuals provided along with the piano give detailed instruction on how to clean the piano in best possible way. To maintain a clean piano, eating or drinking near the instrument should be avoided as food crumbs can cause damage to the parts. Hands need to be washed and dried properly before every use as grease and oil can affect the keys and other electrical components.

If you are unable to find the user manual, there are numerous books, magazines and websites which guide you with the best ways of cleaning the piano. It is advised to refer to the manufacturer’s website to get cleaning instruction that they personally recommend.

Piano Cover
Piano should be always properly covered. This will help protect the piano and keep it clean when not in use. You do not need to buy an expensive cover for your piano, just make sure that the one you buy fits the piano well, for this a large cloth is enough. During transportation and also in the event of keeping this instrument unused for a long time, this cover helps a lot.

Professional help
Expert professionals are the best persons to consult when in doubt. The user’s manual is not always enough to clean the piano. Hence, digital pianos, electrical keyboards, or even traditional pianos may require professional tuning. Service the instrument once in a while. This will simply ensure that it’s running smoothly and it is cleaned correctly.

You will find lots of useful tips for caring and maintaining digital piano. However the basic ones that have been listed above are followed, you can expect your instrument to last for a long time.