Traditional Pianos as widely known require a lot of care. In fact, many people opt out of buying acoustic piano as its high maintenance. Hence people look out for other options, like Digital Piano. But the fact remains that Digital Piano as well requires some maintenance if you expect to use it for a long time. Here we give you five very important tips to maintain your digital piano.

  1. Proper Location Choice

A digital piano is prone to damage due to heat, water, humidity. You should treat your digital piano like a precious furniture as you would have done for traditional or grand piano. Hence choosing an appropriate location for placing the digital piano is very important.

  1. Place your Digital Piano in a place which is not exposed to direct sunlight, water, or moisture.
  2. Place your Digital Piano in a place where people will not bump into it, even if it is the corners of your room.
  3. Place the Piano away from electronic appliances and devices that emit heat, like heater, stove, computer, etc.
  4. Place the piano at least 4 meters away from the above mentioned heat appliances.

2. Proper cleaning methods

There is a certain way to clean a Digital Piano. As other electrical devices, Digital Piano is also not totally immune to damage; if not cleaned properly it can get ruined or even become faulty. There are few things to be followed to clean a digital piano.

  1. Always use a clean, dry cloth to clean the digital piano instead of water or damp cloth.
  2. To be on the safe side, always check the instructions manual or the manufacturer’s notes for specific and acceptable ways of cleaning it.
  3. Always wash your hands and wipe them dry with a cloth before playing a piano, mainly if you have just finished eating or doing household work. The keys should not be greasy or dirty as it affects your playing the instrument.

3. Proper Power Outlet

Improper plugging or faulty electrical outlets leads to accidents. So you should pay proper attention towards way of using plugs with respect to your digital piano.

  1. Always check that your power outlet is not overloaded by plugging of digital piano along with desktop, microwave, or any other electrical appliances. Quality of sound might get affected due to sharing of power outlet. It can also lead to short circuits resulting in fire, physical injuries, and also might majorly damage your instrument.
  2. Make sure that cords and cables do not lie haphazardly. To avoid accidental trip of people over these, always ensure that these are kept out of the way.
  3. Ensure that the outlet you are planning to use is in good working condition. Check the surge suppressor or the outlet strip and replace them if any problems are detected.
  4. Always unplug the Digital Piano when not in use, and turn it off before pulling the plug.

4. Use the Digital Piano Properly

A Digital Piano should be used in a proper way. It is a musical instrument and thus do not use it as a furniture to put things on it or do other activities with it apart from playing it.

  1. It should not be used as a shelf to put things on. This can affect sound, even damage the frame or mar the surface.
  2. It should not be used as a dining table to eat your meals. You can use the kitchen or the dining room for eating, but not on the piano.
  3. It should not be used as a bar where you can drink or leave a glass of wine behind. Accidental drip of water/wine on keys might damage the sensitive parts of the piano.
  4. It should not be used to lean. Your weight might cause damage to the piano, resulting in tilting or even fall over.

5. Proper Protection

Every electrical instrument, if not used, can get damaged. So when you are not using it, you should not leave it just like that. It might get damaged when in use; similarly it can also happen when not in use.

  1. Always keep the keys covered. Dust can cause much damage to the small and more sensitive parts as it gets into everything. You certainly would not want dusty sensors to have a huge effect on the overall performance of your piano.
  2. Always keep your pets away from the piano. Apart from the claws and scratches of pets, which mar the surface of the piano, their hair or fur can get into the sensors and other components, affecting the acoustic of the piano.
  3. Always turn off the digital piano after every use.
  4. When you notice problems for the first time, do not hesitate to approach the service centres or qualified service personnel. Avoid going to any random electrician. Check the warranty cards to understand the terms and conditions and then proceed.


There are numerous tips on maintaining your digital piano; however we have given you few basic points. You will find many once you start researching on specific brands, user’s reviews and experiences. Enjoy playing the instrument; if you do so, you will not want it to get damaged; as a result take care of it properly. Use it for exploring your creativity by composing your own scores, playing classic tunes and have lots of fun. After all, this is your prized asset that will bring out the creative and musical you, which might be unknown to yourself as well!