Suzuki Digital Piano

Suzuki is one of the world’s biggest musical instrument manufacturers. Their range of pianos offers you true value for money. Whether a beginner or a hobbyist musician, you will love the fantastic features and grand cabinets of the Suzuki Digital Piano models.

Dr Shinichi Suzuki, the founder of the worldwide music education movement known as the Suzuki Method, was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1898, to Japan’s first and largest violin manufacturer. He had never learned music formally. He observed that all children are able learn their mother tongue effortlessly through listening, imitation and repetition. He inferred that children could also learn music this way, if taught with love and dedication.

Thus Suzuki was founded in 1953, as a harmonica manufacturer. It has a variety of instruments including pianos and band instruments, and purely electronic instruments such as Troni chord, Omni Chord, and Q Chord Digital Soundcard Guitar.

Suzuki’s powerful Pianos are ideal for home and are available in rosewood or elegant polished black. Suzuki also enables you to own a digital grand piano which will amaze you with its beautiful cabinet and charming sound effect. Suzuki is striving to provide affordable ways for people to communicate through the universal language of music and hopes that you also become a part of it.