Korg has come out with tiny digital piano targeting the children who would enjoy playing music. Korg’s represents quality with this model which gives you the look of a miniature upright piano, fallboard of real piano and 25-note mini keyboard. The built in sounds include voices of classic songs, clavinet, organ, bell etc. It comes in four attractive colours: red, pink, black and white. Moving parts are minimum and volume also has been adjusted to suit children’s ears.

This fashionable and cute Korg mini red digital piano comes with 25-key natural touch mini keyboard and monoaural DC95 sound.. The built in 25 sounds include acoustic and electric piano sounds, organ sounds etc. It also has 50 demo songs in its store. Connection to headphones is an added feature which is also used as an audio output.  It can be operated with AA alkaline batteries and has one power supply.

  • Automatically playing demo songs
  • Natural Touch Mini Keyboard, Velocity sensitive
  • Miniaturized upright piano, with a fallboard

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Korg mini digital piano comes in four colours: red, black, white and pink. It comes with a natural touch velocity sensitive mini keyboard. The 25 inbuilt sounds include sounds of toy piano, electric piano, acoustic piano, organ, music box and others. It also has 50 demo songs. The connectivity to headphone can also be used as a monoaural audio output. It is operated with AA alkaline batteries and has one power supply. It is a compact and portable piano due to its weight of only 10.36lbs including batteries.

Specs Details
Color Variations Black (tinyPIANO-BK); Red (tinyPIANO-RD); White (tinyPIANO-WH); Pink (tinyPIANO-PK)
Keyboard 25 key [C4 – C6] (Natural Touch Mini Keyboard; Velocity sensitive)
Sounds 25 (Toy Piano; Acoustic Piano x 3; Electric Piano x 2; Organ x 3; Music Box x 2; Bell x 3; Others x 11)
Demo Songs 50 (Toy Piano Demo x 4; Music Box Demo x 21; Piano Demo x 20; Others x 5)
Key Transpose Yes
Octave Shift Yes
Connections Headphones (Stereo mini jack type*; also used as an audio output) *The sound will be monaural; DC9V in
Amplification 1 Watt
Speaker 8 cm x 1
Power Supply AA alkaline batteries x 6; or NiMH batteries x6; DC 9 V (Optional AC dapter )
Power Consumption 2 W (Rated)
Dimensions Details
Dimensions 10.2 x 11.1 x 15.1 inches
Weight 10.4 pounds
Shipping Weight 13.4 pounds