The most Terrific features of this Piano, are its large color touch display and hundreds of sounds that make the CP3 a terrific choice. It is among the best and apt digital pianos for anyone searching for a powerful, yet attractively priced, digital piano.

  • 176 Concert Magic Songs
  • Ivory Touch Key Surfaces
  • Large Color Touch Display
  • Song Stylist – 700 Registrations
  • 100-Watts / 2 Speaker Sound System
  • RHII Graded-Hammer Action w/ Let-off
  • 16-Track Recorder – Easy & Advanced Modes
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging w/ 88-Key Piano Sampling
  • Over 700 Sounds215 Styles / 4 Variations / 2 Intros & Endings

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Specs Details
Sound Technology Progressive Harmonic Imaging (PHI); 88-key piano sampling
Action RHII with Let-off
Keyboard Let-Off ; Ivory Touch Key Surfaces ; Triple Senson Key Detection
USB Audio Play & Rec. MP3/WAV
CD Vocal Reduction Yes
Song Stylist 700+ Registrations
Display Type Large Color Touch Display
Polyphony Max. 256 Notes
No. of Sounds 700+
Sound Editing Yes
No. of Rhythm Styles 215
Variations & Fills 2
Intros/Endings 2
1-2 Play Settings 4 Per Style
Registrations 80 (10 Groups x 8)
Concert Magic 176 Songs
RH Parts R1 ; R2 ; Left
Octave Shift 4 Octaves for each Part
RH Harmony 10 Types
Sympathetic Res Yes
Key-off Sampling Yes
Damper Effect/Res Damper Resonance
Virtual Voicing Yes
Recorder Easy & Advanced (up to 16 tracks)
Internal Memory 1MB (Song Memory)
Jacks MIDI (IN/OUT) ; USB (to Host ; to Device) ; LINE IN (L/MONO ; R) ; LINE OUT (L/MONO ;R) ; Headphones x 2
Sound System 100W / 2 Speakers
Finishes Premium Rosewood ; Premium Satin Black
Bench Matching Bench
Dimensions Details
Dimensions 56.1" x 22.8 x 38.1"
Weight 146lbs