The Casio LK-175 is worth its price and is a portable keyboard, which is an idyllic option for the wannabe pianist otherwise keyboard player. It features about 61 piano-style lighted keys in addition to Casio’s far and wide admired step-up lesson systems. The Casio LK-175 also makes certain that with a bit of practice, you can create wonderful music in no time. You will also get a Sound EFX sampler along with built-in microphones that has about 400 tones, 150 rhythms, 110 songs, 48-note polyphony, as well as a good USB MIDI connectivity. These features are more than enough to take you beyond the preliminary learning steps. You will not make any mistake with the Casio LK-175 portable keyboard and it will make your learning an enjoyable and a pleasing experience. The sales engineer of Sweet water gets training on practically the whole thing we put up for sale. Moreover, if you’re looking for your first keyboard, then you can call us up, and we would be very happy to serve you.

The Casio LK-175 is a portable keyboard that has ample features and is designed to take you away from the preliminary learning steps. You can even get hold of an auxiliary input for connecting with your MP3 player or a similar device, by consenting you to play music through the LK-175’s speaker system. You can also get a USB MIDI port to connect with your LK-175 to a computer or even an iOS device. In this way, it would let you use your keyboard as well as be in charge of software instruments. On top of that, you can still get a headphone output, so that you can perform inaudibly as well as in confidence.

  • Aux input for connecting an external audio source
  • Headphone output allows for private practice sessions
  • USB MIDI port gives you computer and iOS connectivity
  • Lighted keys and Step-up Learning System make learning fun
  • Sound EFX Sampler provides you with fun, amusement, and inspiration

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The primary keyboard features of the portable Casio LK-175 include 61 piano-style lighted keys as well as Casio’s widely-praised step-up lesson system that is helpful for you to learn and play piano as well as ascertain the world of music. The LK-175 will instruct you to play with 152 built-in songs, phase by phase, at your own pace. It has an LCD display that will let you learn even the music notation.

Specs Details
Number of Keys 61
Built-in Speakers Yes
Polyphony 48 Notes
Number of Presets 400 Tones; 110 Built-in Songs; 150 Preset Rhythms
Effects Types Reverb
USB 1 x Type B
Outputs 1 Jacks that send sound or video out to other devices; such as headphones car stereo systems and extra displays.
Key Size Piano size
Tones (Number of) 400
Headphone Jacks Yes; Outputs that allow the connection of headphones using 1/8" (mini) or 1/4" (phone) jacks.
Number of Keys 61
UPC 874171006419
Dimensions Details
Height 14 inches
Width 39 inches
Depth 5 inches
Weight 11.8 pounds