Combination of core sounds and technology of CP 1 and flexibility and portability of its own makes CP 50 ideal for people who travel and perform. Unlike CP 1, CP 50 has a wide range of sounds including customizable acoustic and electronic piano sounds. This model is perfectly suitable for church, schools and live performances where everything is played in a single instrument. The record function of CP 50 allows you to store the compositions which you would want to listen all over and edit at a later time.

Yamaha CP 50 presents itself as the perfect piano for places where everything is performed on one keyboard like in schools, churches etc. Its customizable acoustic and electric piano sounds with core spectral component modeling technology add to the advantage. It also has record and playback functions. Its weight of 56 lbs makes it portable and thus also suitable for performers on the go.

  • Convenient Master Keyboard function.
  • Steinberg Cubase AI DAW software bundled.
  • 88-Key Weighted Graded Hammer Action.
  • Record and playback functions for MIDI and audio.
  • Customize function to create your original piano sound.
  • 12 selected acoustic and vintage electric piano sounds.
  • Rhythm patterns for wide range of musical application.
  • 215 additional sounds (clavs, organs, strings and more) and various effects.

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Yamaha CP 50 is another variant of CP-series stage pianos. It is similar like other models and come with 88-key GH keyboard with ivory keytops. It has a compact design and is portable due to its light weight. It has 14 kits and 100 patterns. Its connectivity options range from headphones, MIDI to USB enabling you to record, store and share your creative compositions. Its ease to move makes it ideal for people who travel and perform.

Specs Details
Maximum Polyphony 128
Tone Generator SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) + AWM2
Parts 3
Voice Block 12 piano voices(SCM + AWM2) + 215 other voices (AWM2)
Modulation Effect Block 49 types
Reverb 8 types
Master Compressor 3-band
Master Equalizer 3-band
Number of Kits 14
Number of Patterns 100
Keyboard 88 keys; GH keyboard
Display 24 character x 2 lines; vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
Controllers Pitch bend wheel; Master volume; Knobs 1 to 3; Part volume x 3; Master equalizer x 3
Line Out L/MONO;R (Unbalanced)
Headphones Headphones jack (stereo-phone)
Foot Controller ×1
Dimensions Details
Width 1381 mm
Height 165 mm
Depth 332 mm
Weight 20.9 kg