Tradition and innovation gets mixed in CP series of Yamaha digital pianos and CP 1 starts the trend. The uniqueness of this piano lies in the new spectral component modeling tone generation system that recreates the sound of acoustic and vintage electronic pianos. The master NW-action wooden key action and 17 acoustic/electronic sounds give better control over keyboard and more room for creativity. These combinations make CP 1 the most expressive stage piano that has been made.

Yamaha CP 1 Stage Piano is known as the most expressive piano that has ever been created due to the development of the new Spectral Component Modeling tone generation system. It recreates the authentic sound of acoustic and vintage electronic pianos like nothing else. The NW stage keyboard offers a better grip to the players. This combination of tone and touch makes CP1 one of the most desired models.

  • Convenient Master Keyboard function.
  • Pedal Unit (Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft) included.
  • Steinberg Cubase AI DAW software bundled.
  • 17 selected acoustic and vintage electric piano sounds.
  • Customize function to create original piano sound.
  • User interface specialized for live stage performance.
  • New SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) tone generating system.

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CP 1 Stage Piano brings a revolution to the digital pianos. Its spectral component modelling tone generation system brings out the vintage and acoustic piano sounds. Various connectivity options range from headphones to MIDI. The 88-key wooden synthetic ivory weighted key tops give proper grip to the pianists. Thus CP 1 becomes one of the most desirable pianos for people who want quality sound with ease of portability.

Specs Details
Parts 2
Piano Block 17 piano types
Modulation Effect Block 10 types
Power-Amplifier / Compressor Block 8 types
Reverb 8 types
Master Equalizer 5-band
Maximum Polyphony 128
Tone Generator SCM (Spectral Component Modeling)
Keyboard 88 keys; NW-STAGE keyboard (Wooden synthetic ivory weighted keyboard)
Display 55 character x 2 lines; vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
Controllers Pitch bend wheel; Master volume; Knobs 1 to 6
Power Consumption 28W
Dimensions Details
Width 1385 mm
Height 173 mm
Depth 420 mm
Weight 27.2 kg