The Kawai MP11 is quite affordable and its 88-note Grand Feel wooden-key weighted action feels like the real deal. The 40 on-board Harmonic Imaging XL sounds are simply stunning. The MP11’s uncannily practical actions integrate triple sensors that strengthen the illusion. It provides incredible feel, sound, as well as versatility.

The MP11 of Kawai is mainly used to capture the idiosyncratic touch of an acoustic grand piano. With its triple sensors and let-off, simulation action gives you a smooth, natural piano playing experience. The Kawai is regarded among the serious keyboard lists and the company has been crafting beautiful pianos since 1927.

  • MIDI in/out/thru; USB to host
  • Six reverbs and 129 effects, all tweakable
  • Vintage EP sounds with amp simulations
  • Pitch and mod wheels; expression pedal input
  • Harmonic Imaging XL with 88-key piano sampling
  • Triple Pedal Assembly included; Damper, Sostenuto, and Soft
  • 40 Voices, including 12 concert, jazz, and pop grand piano sounds
  • 208 User Memories; USB Recorder: MP3 and WAV audio plus MIDI
  • Virtual Technician lets you customize virtually every element of the piano
  • Grand Feel (GF) wooden-key weighted action with let-off, triple sensors and Ivory Touch surfaces

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The stunning sound that you hear is none other than the carefully sampled sound of a hand-crafted Kawai concert grand piano. The dynamic range of this grand piano is truly impressive as it is a great measure of expressiveness, and is of great value. You can customize sounds in it as there are six reverbs and 129 effects in it.

Specs Details
Number of Keys 88
Type of Keys Weighted with Ivory Touch key surfaces
Other Controllers Pitchbend ; Mod Wheel
Manufacturer Presets 40
Polyphony 256
Effects Yes
Sequencer 10 Song recorder
Number of Pedals 3: F-30 Triple Pedal Unit (with half-damper support)
Number of Speakers No speakers
Amplifier No amplifier
Number of Audio Inputs 2
Audio Input Types TRS
Number of Audio Outputs 4
Audio Output Types 2 x XLR ; 2 x TS
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru
Pedal Inputs 2: triple pedal unit ; expression
Dimensions Details
Height 7.25"
Width 54.333"
Depth 18"
Weight 71.5 lbs