The main two concerns that play crucial roles are the performance and value of the piano, which surely are here in the Kawai KCP90. The Kawai KDP90 is designed with attractive rosewood finish, which complements the décor of your home. The advanced Hammer Action-IV-F provides the feel of a real acoustic piano and delivers impeccable grand piano sound.

Kawai has developed their Advanced Hammer Action IV-F that is used in the KDP90 to capture the unique feel of an auditory grand piano. The stunning piano sound you hear is none other than the carefully sampled sound of a hand-crafted Kawai concert grand piano, which has all 88 keys meticulously recorded and authentically reproduced.

  • Rosewood finish
  • Sliding key cover
  • 192-note polyphony
  • 88-key piano sampling
  • Grand Feel pedal system
  • Dual and Four-Hands modes
  • Built-in Alfred piano Lessons
  • Built-in stereo speaker system
  • 15 exceptional instrument sounds
  • AHAIV-F graded-hammer action
  • Harmonic Imaging sound technology

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Kawai’s KDP90 digital piano comprises a 3-song recorder, which lets you record your performances to internal memory and play them back with the touch of a button. The Kawai’s Grand Feel pedal system replicates the sense and functionality of a genuine grand piano triple-pedal system. Moreover, its sliding key cover and beautiful rosewood finish completes the package.

Specs Details
Number of Keys 88
Number of Voices (Sounds) 15
Polyphony 192 notes
Number of Effects 1
Effects Types Reverb
Sequencer 1-track; 15000 Notes
Song Playback 3
Number of Speakers 2 x 12cm
Amplifier 13W x
Number of Audio Inputs No inputs
Audio Input Types Not applicable
Number of Audio Outputs 2
Audio Output Types 2 x Headphones
Number of Pedals 3
Pedal Inputs Damper (with Half-Pedal support) ; Sostenuto ; Soft Sostenuto ; Soft
Dimensions Details
Height 33.5"
Width 53.5"
Depth 15.8"
Weight 83.6 lbs