There is no such instrument like the Kawai CP209, which has been designed with a wooden-key action, as well as a powerful sound system. It also includes 100’s of different sounds, in addition to dozens of innovative features. All this is available in a good-looking and genuine grand piano cabinet, which makes the CP209 one of its kind. It is an excellent portable piano along with 88 weighted keys fitted in it.

There is no implement like the Kawai CP209 model, which is known to have a wooden-key action, as well as a powerful sound system. It also comprises of 100’s of sounds, and dozens of modern features and all of them, in a beautiful real grand piano cabinet, that makes the CP209 one of its kinds.

  • Ivory Touch Key Tops
  • Large Color Touch Display
  • USB Audio – Play/Rec WAVE and MP3
  • USB Audio -Play/Rec WAVE & MP4
  • CD-RW Drive with Vocal Reduction.
  • 390 Styles / 4 Variations / 4 Intros & Endings
  • 16-Track Recorder – Easy & Advanced Modes8
  • 200-Watts / 9 Speaker / 3-Channel Sound System
  • CD-RW Drive w/ Vocal ReductionOver 1000 Sounds
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging w/ 88-Key Piano Sampling
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging with 88-key piano sampling.
  • RM3 Wooden -key, Graded-Hammer Action with let-off.
  • RM3 Wooden-Key, Graded-Hammer Action w/ Let-Off
  • Piano Music – over 7 hoursSong Stylist – 1000 Registrations

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The Responsive Hammer (RH) Action makes the most of aPioneering system of “hammer grading” where the weights of the hammers mirror are the heavier bass hammers and the lighter treble hammers are of an auditory piano. The textured ivory-like surfaces are applied to the keys finely to take up moisture and improve control.
Specs Details
RM3 with Let-off
Keyboard 888 Wooden Keys with Ivory Touch surfaces
Sound Technology Progressive Harmonic Imaging (PHI); 88-key piano sampling
Music Player Input Yes
USB Audio Play & Rec. MP3/WAV
CD Vocal Reductiont Yes
Song Stylist 1000 Registrations
Piano Music 6 Hours of Built-in Music
Polyphony max. 192 notes
Display Type Touchscreen – Color
No. of Sounds 1000+
Sound Editing Yes
No. of Rhythm Styles 390 + User
Variations & Fills 4
Intros/Endings 4
1-2 Play Settings 4 Per Style
Recorder Easy & Advanced (up to 16 tracks)
RH Harmony 10 Types
Registrations 8 x 10 Groups
Octave Shift 4 Octaves for each Part
Concert Magic 176 Songs
Key-off Sampling Yes
Damper Effect/Res. Damper Resonance
Internal Memory 4MB (Song Memory)
Other Features Dual; Split; Dual/Split Balance; Four Hands Mode; Key/Song Transpose; Tuning; Metronome (with 100 rhythms); Speaker/Headphone Volume
No. of Rhythm Styles 182 + User
Sound System 200W / 9 Speakers
Video Out Yes
Finishes Ebony Polish
Dimensions Details
Dimensions 57" x 5'3" x 39"
Weight 430 lbs. (without bench)