The Kawai’s highly praised sound technology is also called as Harmonic Imaging. In simple words, Harmonic Imaging is a blend of technology as well as procedures that are aimed at producing the most sensible leisure of our 9-foot concert grand piano promising. We set in motion with one of the world’s supreme pianos which are the handcrafted Kawai EX Concert Piano. Moreover now this astonishing concert grand piano is featured in many of the world’s most high-status universities as well as performance locations.

The most important and remarkable features of the Kawai CP 119 Digital piano are its large touch display and numerous sounds it makes. The CP119 is a terrific choice for any person who is searching for a self-effacingly priced all-in-one piano.

  • Over 700 Sounds
  • Ivory Touch Key Tops
  • 176 Concert Magic Songs
  • RH Graded-Hammer Action
  • Song Stylist – 700 Registrations
  • Large Gray-scale Touch Display
  • 100-Watts / 2 Speaker Sound System
  • 183 Styles / 4 Variations / 2 Intros & Endings
  • 16-Track Recorder – Easy & Advanced Modes
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging w/ 88-Key Piano Sampling

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Each key of this piano has its own and unique tonal characteristics. Some of them have only one string, others two and still others have three. There are also differences in hammer feel contour as well as density. These and other factors generate slight differences in the tone from one note to the subsequent one.
Specs Details
Sound Technology Progressive Harmonic Imaging (PHI);88-key piano sampling
Action RH
Keyboard 88 Plastic Keys with Ivory Touch surfaces
Song Stylist 700 Registrations
Display Type Touchscreen – Grayscale
Polyphony Max. 96 Notes
No. of Sounds 700+
Sound Editing Yes
No. of Rhythm Styles 182 + User
Variations & Fills 4
Intros/Endings 2
1-2 Play Settings 4 Per Style
Registrations 8 x 10 Groups
Concert Magic 176 Songs
RH Parts R1; R2
Octave Shift 4 Octaves for each Part
RH Harmony 10 Types
Sympathetic Res Yes
Damper Effect/Res Damper Resonance
Virtual Voicing Yes
Recorder Easy & Advanced (up to 16 tracks)
Internal Memory 1MB (Song Memory)
Jacks MIDI (IN/OUT); USB (to Host); LINE IN (L/MONO; R); LINE OUT (L/MONO;R); Headphones x 2
Sound System 100W / 2 Speakers
Finishes Premium Rosewood; Premium Mahogany
Bench Padded with Storage Area
Dimensions Details
Dimensions 56.1" x 22.8" x 38.1
Weight 166 lbs. (without bench)