You can enjoy playing your desired tunes with this Casio CAS CTK7200 PPK personal keyboard, which features about 61 piano-style touch-response keys, and allows you to practice piano the way you wish for. It has built-in digital effects that let you improve your music, and especially when you’re composing with the CTK-7200. There are immense possibilities for editing and refining your music, and the list is just endless. The CTK-7200 consists of about 820 presets and 260 on-board rhythms that are meant to spark your creativity. Moreover, it has 61 piano-style keys, integral patterns, DSP effects, song sequencers, draw bars, tone editor, 32-channel mixer, as well as Arpeggiator. It is this powerhouse controller that makes it uncomplicated to make your melodious flights of imagination into finished tracks.

The Casio’s CTK-7200 sets you up with 50 popular drawbar presets that are incorporated in it. It only takes a few trouble-free twists to acquire a vigorous, real-deal organ sound effect. Of course, you can get a top-notch DSP rotary-speaker for emulation and providing the icing on the cake. You just need to use the nine drawbars to change the vocal connotation levels as well as to create sounds of a harmonic percussion effect as you amuse yourself. You can even edit the parameters of the percussion effect in addition to clicking sound of a drawbar organ to create unbelievably down-to-earth drawbar organ tones, as well as still save up to 50 of your traditional patches in the memory. To make your songs sound more trained, the Casio CTK-7200 model of the keyboard provides you with ten types of reverberations, five chorus settings, as well as 100 DSP effects. It also includes delay, phase, flanges, Wah, Rotary speaker, and more. It has been noted that the DSP and chorus cannot be used at the same time. You can apply multiple effects to a patch, to create exactly the same sound you wish for. By tweaking the parameters of the DSP it affects the types that help to create your individual DSP effects as well as store up to 100 of them in the memory.

  • 100 DSP effects
  • 61 piano-style keys
  • 820 tones; 260 rhythms
  • LC display, data entry dial
  • May be battery operated
  • Audio recording to SD card
  • USB; SD card slot (2-32 GB)
  • 96-setting registration memory
  • Arpeggiator; tone and rhythm editor
  • 17-track sequencer; 32-channel mixer
  • Mic In, Instrument In jacks; stereo Audio In jack
  • Drawbars; pitch bend wheel and modulation button
  • 2 x 7W, 4.72″ x 2 + 1.18″ x 2 bass-reflex speaker system

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The Casio CTK-7200 is packed with various interesting and calm features that make it simple to comprehend your melodic ideas. The Pattern Sequencer is also known to provide you up to eight tracks, which include drum, percussion, and bass, along with chord 1 through chord 5. These can be easily edited to create an innovative as well as a supplement music pattern. A 17-track Song Sequencer which includes 16 tracks plus one system track also lets you record up to five songs, which means just nearly up to 30000 notes. Furthermore, it lets you knock in and out, and even edit data that is recorded note-by-note. Your recordings can be converted easily to SMF or Standard MIDI File format and can be stored on an SD memory card.

Specs Details
Number of Keys 61
Built-in Speakers Yes
Polyphony 64 note
Number of Presets 820
Number of Effects 127
Effects Types Reverb; Chorus; DSP; Auto-harmonize
Sequencer 17 tracks x 5 songs
USB Type B
Number of Audio Inputs Mic In; Inst In; stereo Audio In jack
Audio Input Types 2 x TRS (Mic Inst); 1 x 1/8" stereo (Audio In)
Number of Audio Outputs 3 (main L/R; stereo phones)
Audio Output Types 2 x TRS; Headphones (1/4" TRS)
Pedal Inputs 1 x Sustain (assignable)
Power Supply AC adaptor (AD-A12150LW); included; D batteries x 6
Dimensions Details
Height 40 inches
Width 15 inches
Depth 6 inches
Weight 22.5 pounds