The Casio CTK-3200 is a reasonably priced instrument with a 61-key piano-style touch-sensitive keyboard. It has about 400 total onboard tones, 150 rhythms along with digital effects. It is an ideal keyboard for fresh players, and it’s packed with immense features such as Casio’s famous step-up lesson system. The acoustic inputs for an MP3 player are beneficial to make the learning of your preferred songs easier by use of a USB port for MIDI implementation, along with a pitch wheel for supplementary understanding over sounds.This Casio portable keyboard features a sampling function, so you can capture audio from a portable device for playback via the keyboard, adding stylistic flair to your compositions. MIDI support lets you connect the keyboard to a computer.

The CTK-3200 has a couple of ways to make you more skilled on your keyboard without having to pay for your lessons. The first among them is the Music Challenge, which analyses your response speed by necessitating you to press the keys indicated by the onscreen keyboard guide in time with the Auto Accompaniment tempo. It can be done easily by using the correct fingers indicated by the onscreen identification guide. The next step is the step up lesson, which splits up the songs into shorter phrases so that you can master each phrase and then put them all back collectively. It also features performance evaluation, voice fingering guide, lesson, part select which includes either right hand or left hand or even both, metronome, as well as 110 Song Bank.

  • 150 rhythms
  • 61 piano-style keys
  • Built-in metronome
  • Voice fingering guide
  • Sampling function
  • Stereo mini input
  • Sustain pedal jack
  • AHL sound source
  • General MIDI compatibility
  • Step Up lesson system

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It has all built-in tones, including piano as well as acoustic instrument tones, which now sound better than ever before. Its 48-tone maximum polyphony provides an abundance of margin to reduce the chances that notes will be plunged, and especially when tones are layered and when you’re playing with auto accompaniment. The CTK-3200’s easy-to-play keyboard looks a lot like that of an acoustic piano. Also its touch response lets you add insubstantial nuance to notes by varying how much pressure you apply to keyboard keys.

Specs Details
standard-size keys 61
Touch Response 2
sensitivity levels Off
Maximum Polyphony 48 notes (24 for cetain tones)
Built-in Tones 400
Sampling tones 1
Sampling time 1 second (fixed)
Effects 10 types
Digital Effects 10 Reverbs
Pitch Bend Wheel Pitch Bend Range; 0 to 12 Semitones
Step-Up Lesson 4 (Listen; Watch; Remember; Auto)
Lesson Part L; R; LR
Functions Repeat; Voice Fingering Guide; Note Guide; Performance; Evaluation
Song Bank Built-in Songs 110
Music Challenge 20 notes
Built-in Rhythms 150
Auto Accompaniment
Chords Fingered 1/2/3;CASIO Chord; Full Range Chord
Rhythm Controller Accomp ON/OFF; Start/Stop; Synchro/Ending; Variation/Fill-in; Normal/Fill-in; Intro
Metronome Beats per 0; 2 to 6
Measure Tempo Range 30 to 255
Other Functions
Transpose +/-1 Octaves (12 semitones)
Tuning A4 = approx. 440 Hz +/-100 cents
One Touch Preset 150
MIDI 16 multi-timbre received; GM Level 1 standard
Musical Information Function Tone; Rhythm; Song Bank; numbers and names; staff notation; fingering; pedal operation; tempo; measure and beat number; chord name etc.
USB Port Type B
Sustain jack Standard jack (sustain; sostenuto; soft; rhythm start/stop)
Phones/Output jack Stereo standard jack; Output Impedance: 200Ω; Output Voltage:4.8V (RMS) Max
Audio In jack Stereo mini jack;Input Impedance: 40KΩ; Input Sensitivity;200mV
Power Jack 9V DC
Power Supply 2-way
Batteries 6 AA-size zinc-carbon batteries or alkaline
Battery Life Approximately 4 hours continuous operation on alkaline batteries
AC Adaptor AD-E95100 (included)
Auto Power Off Approximately 6 minutes after last key operation (Operates during battery use only)
Speaker Output 3.94" x 2; Output 2W + 2W
Power Consumption 9V – 7.7W
Dimensions Details
Dimensions 37-3/8 x 13-15/16 x 4-7/16 inch
Weight Approximately 8.6lb